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Ads / Reklamlar: OZZ Chips
Posted on Monday, December 08 @ 17:49:11 EST
Topic: Çeşitli Duyurular
OZZ chips are sold on endtas robotic site ONLY and sent worldwide thru post.

OZ-SER-1 : Controls 4 servo motors independently, can be programmed via a simple keypad. The given program is stored in nonvolatile memory and can run in continuous mode or step by step.

OZ-SER-RS4 : Controls 4 Servo motors independently. Can run a program stored in its internal memory or can be commanded by signals sent from the pc via serial port. The program also is entered thru serial port. 4 servo outputs, 4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs all can be controlled via serial line.

OZ-SER-RS8 : Controls 8 Servo motors according to commands sent from the pc via serial port. Also has general purpose input / outputs which can be accessed from the pc.

OZ-IR-DIS : Infra Red obstacle detection chip with various range signals. The signals are present on 5 output pins as well as sent thru serial line.


Oz-ser-1 chip as you can see from the photo above, has got 18 pins and in DIP form. The chip generates pwm signals necessary to drive 4 servos independently. The chip can be programmed thru a small keypad and the programmed servo is shown with its consecutive LED display. A piezo buzzer generates beep signals on every program step to display it is running.

The chip doesn't need any external components to operate. Only some pullup resistors for the keypad. The circuit may work within 4-6V.

The simple circuit which is necessary to be constructed for the optimum operation of the chip. ;OZ-SER-1 CIRCUIT SCHEMATIC.

A 32 step program which every step carries an independed position data for every servo is given by the user to the chip via the keypad. The program which is stored on EEPROM memory is similar to the following ;

Step 1 :
-----1.servo : 0°
-----2.servo : 7°
-----3.servo : 21°
-----4.servo : 28°
Step 2 :
-----1.servo : 70°
-----2.servo : 70°
-----3.servo : 28°
-----4.servo : 7 °
Step 3 :
-----1.servo : 77°
-----2.servo : 140°
-----3.servo : 14°
-----4.servo : 63 °
Step 4 :

Oz-ser-1 application videoclips. By using the mechanics of one of the site projects; robotic arm. (Both around 300kb)

Recording a program

The software of the chip is engineered to drive servos with the most suitable waveforms to enable them run in the most efficient way. The chip can command the servos within 0-190° angle range with 7° steps. This is suitable for most hobby robotic applications.


  • Sutable for applications in which the control of 4 or less servos is necessary. Like our site projects the robot arm, bigfoot, robohead etc.
  • Suitable for various experimental mechatronics applications, prototyping etc.
  • An easy solution to design and build dynamic display environments for shops, fair stands etc.
  • May suit various automation applications.


    Oz-Ser-1 Chip 19.95$ (sent by post worldwide)

    OZ-SER-RS4 :

    Servo controller chip with full duplex RS232 serial connection. The chip can communicate with the pc and receive commans about servo positions, ouptputs, at the same time it can report the state of its inputs back to the PC. The chip can control 4 servos independently according to a program sent from the pc. The signals sent from the pc can also be recorded by the chip with special "save" commands. So the chip can go on its operation later when not attached to the pc.

    Additionally the chip has got 4 inputs and 4 outputs. The inputs are sent to the pc immediately in case of a state change. The outputs can be switched on and off by the commands sent from the pc.

    The chip can generate sounds with the sound command sent from the pc.

    Although designed for robotic applications, the chip can be useful in various fields and systems.

    OZ-SER-RS4 CIRCUIT SCHEMATIC. A table for the ascii codes which are necessary to be sent by the pc to proper operation of the chip can also be found in the circuit schematic.

    You may download a small videoclip of a system which is built around this chip and given circuit schematic by clicking the small photo below.

    OZ-SER-RS4 videoclip (351kb)

    How to use a Oz-Ser-RS4 system.

    Oz-Ser-RS4 Chip 19.95$ (Sent by post worldwide)

    OZ-SER-RS8 :

    Servo control chip with full duplex RS-232 link to PC. Controls up to 8 servos according to the commands sent by the pc via serial port. Though the chip takes its commands completely from the pc, the length of animations etc in which the chip is used are regardless of the chip's memory size.

    Chip's 3 inputs are continuously monitored and the signals are sent to the pc in case of a state change. And similarly, other 2 outputs can be switched on and off with commands sent from the pc. 3 input, 2 output, 5 I/O pins total.

    Primarily for robotic applications, suitable for other fields as well. OZ-SER-RS8 CIRCUIT SCHEMATIC. Ascii code commands to operate the system are also listed as a table on this schematic.

    You may click the photo below to download a working videoclip of the system. (351kb)

    Oz-Ser-RS8 Chip 19.95$, sent by post worldwide

    OZ-IR-DIS :

    Obstacle detection chip. This chip uses modulated IR light to detect objects within up to 60cms. Though the system uses modulated IR lihgt, it doesn't get effected from other environmental IR sources.

    The chip independently can detect obstacles on the right, left or middle and has 2 range levels on both sides. Chip can sense the range to the object as well and reports the range data (as far or close vicinity) at its outputs. The communication of the chip is both serial and parallel. You may directly use 5 parallal output chips or connect the chip to your main CPU via the serial line.. The chip can also be connected to the pc via RS232.

    The system can be used as the range detector on a robot or as a device which stands still and detects the objects passing infront of it.. Though the system can detect objects on the right, middle or left, moving direction of the objects can also be determined. There can be lots of applications like, car parking sensors, industrial sensing, security etc.


    A working videoclip of the system can be downloaded by clicking the photo below. (122kb). In the videoclip, an OZ-IR-DIS system is detecting the movement and range of a hand and reporting this detection via its outputs (notice the leds connected to the outputs) and the rs232 port simultaneously (notice the range data continuously change on the pc screen).

    Up to 60cms of range can be obtained by using a modified circuit schematic. OZ-IR-DIS range upgrade circuit.

    OZ-IR-DIS Chip 19.95$, sent by post worldwide.

    Ozz chips application circuits can work withing 3-6V voltage range, drives 10-20mA while working with 5V DC. The operation of the chips are tested in our laboratuary conditions and guaranteed to work in all robotic hobby applications. All chips are tested before being delivered to the post and problem free. The necessary circuitry for the operation of the chips are very simple, mostly not requiring more than several outer components and with no need of an external cyristal etc.

    Instead of the max232 chip for RS232 connection, you may also use simpler all transistor circuits. Here are some samples ; All transistor RS232 circuits

    Hyper terminal program settings

    Various different versions of the chips with more servos, less servos, with more complex programs, with user specifications etc can also be made easily. Just send me a message about the details of the projects and request an offer. ;)




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