Greedybug a self feeding robot
Date: Saturday, October 09 @ 03:58:32 EDT
Topic: Prototipler

Greedybug is designed for the testing of a very important new function which wasn't present in our previous projects; self feeding function. Namely charging its own batteries by finding and contacting to a stationary power source-battery charger. in the picture below, you can see the greedybug and the batterycharger. The robot finds the charger via the modulated IR signals sent from it.

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Greedyrob consists of parts which are connected by sockets. So the bug can be disassembled easily when necessary. The driver circuitry of the right motor can be plugged into the place of left motor's and vice versa. And the sensor module of an other Greedybug can be plugged into this Greedybug (There should be Greedybugs everywhere hehe, yes there are two here.). And though the battery module is connected to the circuitry by two crocodiles, it also can be replaced easily. Not a great speciality for a robot bug of Greedybug's size, but think of future's robot that we'll probably build, consisting of many cards that will need to be replaced easily ;).

Greedybug videoclip

Greedybug circuit schematic

Greedybug source code

The microcontroller source codes will be added soon.

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