Solar Cheerleader Bot
Date: Monday, November 04 @ 05:06:14 EST
Topic: Prototipler

While my other projects are still in progress, i've begun to a new one.

A cheerleader bot. Tasks to be performed by the bot can be listed as follows.

  • look for the sun and avoid shadows all the time.

  • If already under the sun (all of 4 sensors are lit) stop moving and start waving the Flag and Play your favourite team's music.

  • If shadow comes near again, sound a MAYDAY signal for some time and begin avoiding from the shadow again.

    Does anyone has an additional idea for my cheerleader bot's behaviours?

    read more for 3 videoclips from my shadow detection experiments.

    each videoclip is 153kb, there are 3 videoclips, so a total data of 450kb+ has to be loaded. It may take some time. Please wait for the videoclips to be loaded.

    At night, chasing a 100W bulb

    Going along a light corridor.

    Shadow at front, shadow at the back. What to do?

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