Solar Power Experiments
Date: Friday, December 10 @ 14:44:34 EST
Topic: Güneş panelleri

In this article, we'll present two separate solar panel application. In both applications, we use our general purpose solar panel which yields approximately 200ma current at 1.6V under direct sunlight. Namely, one solar panel can replace an AA size battery easily and can drive two high quality motors taken from a junk CDROM driver or one low quality motor which can usually be found in chinase made toys.

Neither of the applications require any electronic component. Only a solar panel and some mechanics. In the first one, a solar panel directly drives a DC motor which is removed from an old CDROm, and the motor turns a small fan. This application is used in many fields like caravan, boat cooling, air-conditioning. Principle is simple, when the sun starts to shine, the solar panel generates electricity and the electricity runs the DC motor, dc motor turns the fan. Thousg we use high quality motor and panel, no direct sunlight is necessary for the operation of the motor and under direct sunlight, the motor easily climbs to high revs. You can also use a similar application at home, at the beach etc and can easily enlarge the size of both panel and the dc motor. At the end of the article, you can download a small videoclip of the fan running with solar energy.

The second application is a solar-car, similar cars can also be seen in many hobby websites on the net. This one is simpler, again there is no electronic components, the panel is directly connected to a junk toy-car mechanic's electric motor and drives it under direct sunlight. There is even no need for soldering. You can connect ordinary wires from the panel to the motor by twisting them. Anyone can build this project though it is very simple. By making a solar-car for each of your friends, you can organize solar car races ;)

By making solar panel experiments like this, will help you use solar energy in larger and more complex applications in the future. Don't forget, the future is alternative energies. :)

have fan and good solar-car races! :)


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