Robug of the dark nights ; :) ''Nightbug''
Date: Monday, January 10 @ 07:34:47 EST
Topic: Roböcekler

Here is the colourful, soundful and cheerful robot bug of the nights : Nightbug :)

Nightbug is a robot bug assembled on a multi holed prototype board. The upper body of an old mouse is used as the shell of the bug. There are two sound sensing circuits at the open sides of the outer shell protruding towards the outside, facing to the front. There is a 3.6V ni-cad battery which is permanently glued to the inside as the power source. The brain is a PIC 16F627 microcontroller. There is a blinking superbright RED led under the hood at the back which gives a nice impression at night. And a super bright blue LED at the front as a headlight which illuminates where the bug goes.

When the robot detects a sound from both of its microphones, it looks for the phase shift between the signals. And by this, the robot gets the idea of the direction where the sound signals come from. Then turns towards that direction. If the sound comes from the front, the bug goes a step ahead. This process repeats until the robot finds the sound source.

The article continues with more pictures, linksto the assembly code and the circuit schematic of the project.

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Two contact leads under the prototype pcb can be used to charge the battery inside by using a 5V DC source. Connect the + and - terminals of the source to the + - terminals of the battery. The project can be enhanced to accommodate a self-charging system as our greedyrob project.

Click to download the videoclip of our Soundbug project which runs the same way with Nightbug.

Soundbug Videoclip

Circuit Schematic

Source Code

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