Decorative lightball project 2
Date: Friday, February 04 @ 10:39:03 EST
Topic: Atelye

I've made a decorative lightball to be mounted at the top of my saloon door at home. The mirror coated ball was bought by me from Bangkok/Thailand during my backpacking trip in 2003. The movement of the ball is controlled by a PIC 16F627 powered board which also carries the ball itself. The circuitry can turn the ball into two directions with different speeds via an H bridge modulated by the hardware pwm output of the PIC.

H bridge circuit and how it works, from our tutorials section.

And the LEDs. They are superbright. Bright enough to have their lights reflected by the mirrors towards the adjacent walls of the room, in dark, romantic nights :). The PIC creates lots of lighting effects with different frequencies sometimes sharply changing and sometimes fading in and out. All reflected as thousand colourful light spots around the room, all turning at once.

The system can measure the light level around via the onboard photodiode. It stops during daytime and starts to run when it gets dark. Sure you can switch it off by the onboard ON-OFF switch.

The system hangs at the room entrance like this.

I've used DC motor and gears of the CD eject mechanism from a junk CDROM to turn the mirror ball.

Superbright LEDs really has got a nice lighting capacity with a very low power. The system can work with 4AA cells for several nights.

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