Temperature sensitive robot bug ; Tempbug
Date: Friday, February 04 @ 11:01:22 EST
Topic: Roböcekler

This robot has got an onboard temperature sensor and a 3 digit LED display to show actual temperature around. First i wanted it to move to hotter or colder spots but though the response time of the sensor is too long, the scheme didn't work satisfactorily. I'm now thinking of new behaviours associated with temperature.

This is the bottom view of the bug. Seems complicated doesn't it? Whenever this 7 segment LED display come into a project, the wiring gets complicated instantly. The back wheel is a small gear taken from a junk toy.

And these are new type motors which i'm using for the first time. Although the dc motors are smaller that the ones i normally use, they have a small construction and 2 gears to reduce the rpm and increase torque. They are much powerful than a non geared dc motor. I've glued two bigger gears (taken from a junk CD driver) as the wheels and wrapped around the gears with hot silicone to obtain better surfave grip. Thanks to bigger wheels and better grip, the bug can go on rougher surfaces easily.

This is the DS1822 temperature sensor. It can communicate with PIC 16F627 via only one pin, sending the temperature data serially. Though PICBASIC PRO has got a special command for one-wire serial communications, the interface is fairly easy.

I'll publish circuit schematics and source code when the project is complete. But first i need to complete it, but i even don't have any temperature related behaviour ideas. I've thought of the bug to run with a speed proportional to the temperature reading. But that didn't sound me as such an interesting behaviour. :) Probably you can give me better ideas. Drop your comments ;)

Tempbug Circuit

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