Photos from our robotic workshop
Date: Monday, February 21 @ 16:59:44 EST
Topic: Tasarımcılarımız

Here are some photos from our robotic workshop. All endtas robotic projects are realized here. With the use of the tools, computers etc you see at the pictures by the person in the pics (Apart from the projects which are sent by the visitors) :)

Here I'm at the table. The Greedybug, PC controlled robotic arm and the googles projects are on the table. And a couple of robug kits as well. A number of tools and materials as well as electronical components are littering the table as usual. Read on for more photos ::)

The robug which i'd gave my nephew as a birthday present had suffered from a small accident (someone had sat on it :) ). And he gave it to me back for repairs. I'm making the necessary repairs.

Me and Setrak. I know Setrak since 1994-1995. We worked together on a number of projects including our Msc. thesis about the construction of a mobile robot and realization of a path finding algorithm. He is the kind of friend who can find at most once in a lifetime.

While thinking the possible improvements for the Greedybug

I'm surrounded by robots! Help. :)

This is Özkal's robot parking lot where all the finished projects go.

This is the other PC that i use in the workshop. I use the first one for practical part of the work mostly. And this one is used for internet work, documantary and PCB design. Both PC's are connected to a local area network and use the same ADSL modem for connecting to the internet. Sure my friends and i use the same network for playing multiplayer games like starcraft, quake etc. 2 PC's at home and notebooks of the visiting friends can form a bigger network up to 8 PC's very frequently.

Here is a small photoalbum full of images taken at the balcony of my flat

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