Date: Tuesday, March 08 @ 08:59:33 EST
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robot project has started. Two identical sumo robots are taking shape on my work table. I'm using Tempbug's DC motors with reduction gear (2 gears) on this project.

I'll use sensors of linebug made of mice parts for sensing the white lane at the side of the circular sumo platform.

And for the opponent robots to see each other, i've got two options which i didn't be able to decide in between. Either i'll use greedybug's charge port sensing sensor or i'll use an obstacle detecting circuit based on an ozz chip. Greedybug's circuit is best for detecting a target which has got an onboard IR emitter. But it is useless for robots which don't emit IR. And the ozz based system work well on anything unless its not black. :)

For now, i'll just concentrate on keeping the bugs on the sumo platform.

PIC 16877 will be used as the microcontroller.

The article continues with a photo of the robot showing its current building stage.

As you see the parts forming the robot are all together unassembled. I'm 3D modeling all of them one by one in Rhinoceros3D. And experimenting with the models to find their proper places on the robot chasis. After the experiments, a most proper installation scheme will be chosen and the robot will be assembled around that. I'm looking forward to hear your recommendations. You can write your thoughts as comments to this article. I'll consider all ideas very carefully ;)

Videoclip: Two robots are fighting

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