PWMbug; Robot Bug with DC Motor speed control
Date: Thursday, August 04 @ 03:16:53 EDT
Topic: Roböcekler

After a long delay i'm back with a new project. PWMbug is a robug with a microcontroller that applies PWM speed control to its two DC motors. The output power of the PWM signal can be adjusted by pressing the two buttons onboard.

The bug continuously moves forward avoiding obstacles by the use of its touch sensors. The speed of the bug can be adjusted (8 bits - 256 steps) from stationary to %100, which is around 10cm/second. And this is the first project on this site which has got a C source code. All source and the ready-to-program hex file is also included.

The circuit schematic is the same with our old probug (programmable robot bug) project. The only difference is the microcontroller. This project uses the newer PIC 16F628 instead of 16F84. Though the 627 has got an internal oscillator, 84's RC oscillator components are not necessary (22pF and 4K7). Simply ignore them and assemble the circuit. The presence of those components will not effect it's running anyway. They will be simply not used at all.

Circuit Schematic

C source code and hex file

Have fun, build the robot and drop comments ;)

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