Robots from the Netherlands
Date: Wednesday, August 24 @ 12:23:56 EDT
Topic: DŁnyada Endtas Hobi Siteleri

Bekir ÷zÁelebi from the Netherlands writes.

Greetings endtas robotic group. Iím Bekir ÷zÁelebi, from the Netherlands. I am sharing some of my robotics projects with you below. Circuit schematics and the PCBs of the projects can be found at the end of this text.

The things I have created, and Tavuk (Chicken) that I have been trying to mobilize lately ;-) I am using Bascom avr for this (basic). I donít understand asm yet, and I donít think I ever will ;-d I tried to build it copying the walking tanks in Star Wars.

For the 4ayak (4legs), I was inspired by the Elektuur Magazine.

The spider vibrates thanks to the solar engine from solarbotics.

I drew the ladybug. You can make it walk the way you like thanks to the avr.

I am also sending the schematics that I have drawn with Eagle. I apologize for their simplicity, but I can always answer further questions.

Ugurboceginin Videoklibi

Circuit And PCB schematics

Bekir Ozcelebi

The Netherlands

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