This time a battery powered bug
Date: Monday, November 04 @ 05:18:24 EST
Topic: Prototipler

here is the result of a week of study and testing, Our newest battery powered robug. :) The winter is on the way so we won't be able to find much sunshine for our solar powered robugs. Time for battery power. :)

Don't look for mikrocontrollers, komplex circuitry - behaviour, self navigating ability, obstacle avoidance etc in our robug. You won't be able to find :).

Though our tiny bug is only has a brain made of 8 transistors. Adding the power transistors, a total of 16 transistors are used at the robot. And some resistors, along with some leds etc. Resulting into a very simple robot.

Despite its simple circuitry and also mechanics the bug is able to follow complex routes and find its way out even from sharp notches which may easiliy trap most of other small mobile robots.

If the bug feels an obstacle with one of the feelers at the front, it instantly runs away from it by turning the opposite direction. If both feelers touch an obstacle, the bug reverses for a while and turns left a bit than forwards again untill it clears off the obstacle. So it follows the side of the obstacle, e.g. a wall.

Though the DC motors used draw very little current (40mA total) , the bug can run for hours with two standard AA cells. if high capacity cells are used (eg 1600mAh), the bug can wander around for 40 hours, nearly two days with the batteries unchanged. A solar panel can also be used, replacing or along with the batteries.

And a surprise, we're developing this robug into a 'complete amateur robotic kit' . The kit will be sold on this site online, and will include all details for easy manufacturing and running. You will make your bug by following the step by step instructions and then watch it LIVE, wandering around your room.

Well, lf you are not interested in the kit and just want to scratch build your own, then the circuit schematics are also at the end of the article along with some more detail shots of the prototype bug..

Click here for the schematics of roböcük1 robug.

You may purchase roböcük1 directly from us as a complete kit.

Component List:

8 x BC550 transistor
8 x BC557 transistor
10 x 10K resistor
12 x 470ohm resistor
2 red, 2 yellow led
1 x 22uF capacitor
1 x 47uF capacitor

1 x AA battery holder
2 x DC mini motor

Some steel wire and a paper clip for making the feelers.

multi holed prototype board or ready printed circuit board (PCB) sold by us.

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