Sumo Robot Project; (Updated !!)
Date: Saturday, November 05 @ 09:20:14 EST
Topic: Prototipler

We had started a sumo project some time ago. It had some recent improvements. The two identical sumo robots took their shape and did their first fights already.

Here are some photos. The project details will follow later.

Back view

Side view

Bottom view

The robots both have In Circuit Serial Programming port. And their Cpus are buried under two layers of PCB and Batteries. By the use of ICSP port, you don't need to take out the CPU, program it and then plug it into its place again and again. All programming is done by this port and a fast USB PIC programmer. The photo; Number one is being programmed and number two is waiting its turn.

Endtas sumo circuit schematic & hex code

Endtas Sumos Fighting Sumos From the web

New ! Videoclips:Read on to download

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