Serial voice transmission between PIC micros
Date: Sunday, October 22 @ 18:09:47 EDT
Topic: Mikrodenetšiler

After some time working on proteus environment, finally i managed to realize serial voice transmission between two PIC microcontrollers. I wrote a small code on PICC and it worked fine. I've used the UARTs of two PIC16F870. I did continuous sampling with the transmitter's A/D converter and sent them to the remote PIC, via serial line. And the remote PIC sent the data to and DAC. Dac's voltage output is connected to a speaker.

Both the circuit and the source code are very simple. There is no data compression in data transfer. I've used a high transfer rate and transfer is quite okay, regeneration of the sound is fine. By using data compression, better sound quality at the same speed or same quality at lower transfer rates can be obtained. A nice graduation prject, improving the project is from you, publishing is from us. Send us your project.

I strongly recommend the Proteus program. Its really an invaluable tool for any electronics enthusiast, hobbyist or engineer. You can apply a wav file to the ADC input of a micro, do all the sampling, data transfer, regeneration of the samples vie DAC and regenerating of the sound by applying the samples to a virtual loudspeaker (which gives its sound via the pc speaker), all on this program by simulation. Awesome!

You can download PICC C, Hex file, circuit schematic and also the proteus file from the link below.


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