Serial Port Controlled Mobile Robot
Date: Wednesday, February 28 @ 14:46:15 EST
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Article & thesis by eren aksoy

This thesis presents the controlling of a microcontroller based system using computer. First of all microcontrollers are introduced. The main differences between microcontrollers and microprocessors are discussed with reasons. Also, the reasons of why PICs (Peripheral Interface Controller) are the most popular type of the microcontrollers are explained. The hardware and software parts of microcontroller based automobile are clarified comprehensively. The motor drivers, battery control units, sensor circuits for following a line and displaying units are achieved by using PIC 16F877. One of the most important parts of this thesis is the communication between PIC microcontroller and computer, so communication protocol is described in depth. PIC C is used for programming PIC microcontroller and Visual Basic is used for programming the computer. The thesis concludes with explanations of these programs.

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