PIC-PONG, a classic game on pic and graphic LCD
Date: Friday, February 22 @ 17:36:28 EST
Topic: Atelye

Around 40 years ago, when someone talks about a video game, this was it to be only thing to think about. Well I also paid at the fairs to play with this simple thing.

With the circuitry given, this classic game is realized on a microcontroller system and it is playable by using two potentiometers. The graphics are presented on a monochrome 128x64 graphics LCD screen.

For the initial boot screen, i've searched simple graphics on the net. I've found some gifs and converted them to monochrome and then into hexadecimal values by using the bmp2asm program.

The game has got a demo mode in which it plays by itself (it even scores) and shows a real time clock.

The circuit produces beeps sounds when the ball hits the frame or the rackets just like the original game.

The circuitry is above and is based around a PIC 18F458 microcontroller.

At the end of the article you can find the proteus drawing and simulation file, hex file to be programmed into the controller etc.

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