Your New Friend ProBug
Date: Monday, November 04 @ 08:43:52 EST
Topic: Prototipler

Our new robot bug started its life with its first moves several days ago. The moves sequence is given by the user by pressing the 5 program buttons on the bug. And stored into the internal eeprom (electrically erasable programmable read only memory). The probug then executes the commands one by one in normal operation.

The commands?? They are simple, like ...

1-Go ahead
2-Go ahead
3-Go ahead
4-Turn left
5-Turn left
6-Go ahead
7-Go ahead
8-Turn right
9-Go reverse

The programmed movement of the bug is accomplished by executing each command for a constant amount of time, like 0.5 seconds. For the above commands list, the bug goes ahead for 1.5 seconds, turns left for 1 second, then goes ahead again for 1 second, turns right for half a second and reverses for an other half second.

The program repeats itself continuously.

The number of commands that will be possible to be entered to the bug by using the 5 programming buttons on it is limited with the EEPROM size of the bug-controller. The limit for the Microchip pic 16F84 is 64 bytes.

Soon i'll include the circuit schematic and also the assembly source code for the bug here in this article. Untill then, here are the pictures of my prototype probug. I also plan to make an improved version of this bug with much more interesting behaviour as a robotic kit.

The piezo buzzer is used for generating simple sound effects.

update : Here is the circuit schematic :
Download circuit schematic.
And the source code :
Download source code

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