Making a Security Bug :)
Date: Monday, November 04 @ 08:53:47 EST
Topic: Roböcekler

well, in all the internet, i guess this is the only site which tries to teach how to make a "security bug". All the other sites about security bugs are trying to prevent them :)

Sure they are about the security bugs of programs, operating systems, servers etc.

Our security bug is only a robotic bug, which behaves like the security guard at your home.

After we've started using microcontrollers in our bugs for the first time with probug, it became much easier to obtain new robugs with slight program changes or by writing complete new programs without touching simply a bit on the circuitry.

'Security bug' is our new robug. The chasis and circuitry are all the same with lightbug. The micro used is 16F84. In short, the bug behaves like a guard at your home, desktop, bag etc. It continuously monitors the activity around it. To do this, the bug simply uses its light sensing diode. In fact, the bug is only monitoring light level changes.

The light level can be measure within 32 levels by the bug, by capacitor charge-discharge method. If the light level changes within 1-2 steps, that change is assumed to be due to light level changes of the day. But if the changes in the light level exceeds 5 steps, that means an importang change to the bug, and it gives a small beep beep sound and behaves to look around by turning to left, and then right. And if the light level change exceeds 15 steps, that means a complete security breach to the bug. So it gives out a loud alarm sound for 10 seconds.

in a lamp lit room, it stays still. If you block the light coming on to the sensor by your hand (or unblock the light), it gives first level warning. if you turn off the light (or turn it on), bug gives a ten second alarm.

if the bug's feelers are also touched, that also means a security breach and results in a 10 second alarm.

And its second important function is to wake up timing. The owner (or maker), enters a time to the bug by the buttons on it. The time is given as # of hours and # of ten minutes by pressing two buttons respectively.

And after that time elapsed, the bug wakes up the owner by singing songs and dancing. :) nice isn't it?

The bug can also be programmed to wake its owner when the environment is lit. or when the sun shines. etc.

you won't be able to leave this bug at home, taking it everywhere with you. :)

The circuit schematic is the same with lightbug.

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