Our first robotic group meeting.
Date: Monday, November 04 @ 08:55:55 EST
Topic: Çeşitli Duyurular

Last saturday was the first meeting day for our robotic group; Turkish istanbul area hobby robot builders meeting. :) 5 people were there for the event. The talks which started just after we meet at taksim square istanbul went on at the open-air touristic cafes nearby. With the addition of robot bugs wandering around, the first meeting was a fun event.

First we tried to run the roböcük's first prototype on the table. Then we passed to the programmable probug and because of the number of different possibilities, spent a great deal of time playing with. We entered different programs into the two prototypes which were at hand and raced our own programs on some slalom courses constructed on the table from small plastic pieces. That was fun. And the winner was absolutely Yusuf, whose program performed great in the slalom course. We've also tested the other functions of the bug like light chasing, security, wake-up timer etc. The probug was the bright kid of the table :). Then we passed to the 6 legged spider which i've made just a couple of days ago. It is basically a kit bought from the net. But i've only used the servos and plastik pieces from the kit. All electronics and sensors are home made. It has front feelers to detect collisions and a simple card with a microchip pic16f84 controller as the brain. The program of the spider is as simple as our first kit, roböcük. Simply go ahead continuously, if collided anything, just backup two steps, turn to the opposite direction of the collision and go on. :).

Group member Bihter (computer engineering student), With various robots, spider and bugs.

The talks which lasted around several hours at las ended with wishes of meeting again and more importantly, organising special workshop meetings to make simple robugs all together.

Hope to announce new meetings in the future.

Note: read on for 3 more photos and a series of small videoclips from our robug races.

All 5 members.

My first NARGILE (a kind of smoking, where the smoke is filtered thru water) trial.
Lots of chokes, not a good thing though :)

And this is the link to the videoclips.

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