Making a Plywood Robot Head.
Date: Monday, January 06 @ 08:25:26 EST
Topic: Mekanik Yapılar

In my robot head project which i've begun designing recently, i'm using my own head profile as you see.

The robot head is simply a human head profile cut out of plywood. It has a moving chin, eyes incorporated and also the head may turn right and left as well as up and down. The robohead will react environmental sounds and light level changes with turning towards the source of the event or maybe making its own sounds.

What can be the further study for this project is open to argue. After a short research on the internet, I've found several robot heads on various websites with not only moving chins-eyes etc, but lots of details on the face; lips, eyebrows, shape of the eyes, mouth, that move to express various feelings of the robot. More improved future versions of these robots maybe used as the entrance workers of big buildings, companies or the informations desk officers at the train stations etc. Similar robot busts may read the news at TV, anyway it is already being done with a simpler method by using computer animated virtual characters. In the future robotic vehicles may come up with a similar robot at the drivers seat just to accomplish the human-robot vehicle interface with humanish behaviours, mimics and a soft-polite voice ;)

What do you think? :)

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