Detailed Photos of Probug
Date: Friday, January 10 @ 07:32:10 EST
Topic: Endtas Kitleri

Side and top view of our probug. For size comparison, the batteries onboard are AA type normal cells.

Front detail view of the probug. Along with the details of the feelers, you can also see the light sensor between the two tooth shaped pcb extension. It is mounted under the pcb to prevent interference from the direct light from above. The LEDs that turn on with the forward motion of the motors are visible on both sides. if you mount the leds in the opposite directions, then they will turn on with the backward turning of the motor. Under the pcb, the piezo buzzer which generates the buggy efects.

Probug's tail detail. The printed circuit board carries bug-markings and shapes all around with black paint. At the back the bead is seen. It works similar to the caster wheel in bigger robots. The chip right infront of the bead is a PIC 16F84 microcontroller. It is the brain of our bug and preprogrammed with the full probug code. Though it has got a flash program memory, it can be erased and reprogrammed as many times as necessary by the user. A small serial port programmer is adequate for reprogramming of the controller. The schematics for the programmer can also be found at our tutorials section. To the right of the microcontroller, 5 buttons which are for programming the bug are seen. The program start / Reset button is to the left of the controller. All these switches have got a figure next to them to represent their functions.

Just above the program start button, an on-off switch is seen along with 1 / 0 symbols to represent the ON and OFF modes of probug.

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