New Robug Detail Photos
Date: Wednesday, January 15 @ 07:30:27 EST
Topic: Endtas Kitleri

Here is our first robot bug kit, the ROBUG. the simple circuitry consisting of 16 transistors, 20 resistors and 2 capacitors makes this bug wander around, hitting and very frequently avoiding obstacles. This is the top wiev.

Details from the front part of the bug where the DC motor driver H bridges are situated. You may also have a look at the red LEDS for eyes. That turn on and off according to the turning direction of the DC motors.

Side wiev and the tail part, where you can see the battery holder as well as the of off switch at the right. The circuitry at the back is the timing circuit which works with capacitor charge-discharge method.

Here is a simple method of assembling the DC motors to the printed circuit board. You may also use silicon glues or anything you like. This is the method we propose and use.

A detail from the feelers of the bug. IF the feeler touches anything, the guitar wire bends and touches the ring around it. That makes an electrical contact that charges the timing capacitor at the back. The bug goes backwards as long as the capacitor is charged.

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