A new and simple walker mech with 6 legs
Date: Thursday, January 23 @ 10:18:59 EST
Topic: Ayaklę Robotlar

while wandering around the net looking for some new methods for 6 legged walking, i came across this one. Seems like a cheap toy robot. maybe even a kit. But it walks great and runs with only a pair of DC motors with reduction gear. Turns, goes fast, slow, forward and backwards. very fine.

The hand control holds two AA batteries wired to two double pole double throw switches. Each switch allows a motor to move forward and reverse.

isometric view

Read more to see walking & turning animations as well as three videoclips.

front view.

side view.

For making my own walker i've made some drawings on rhinoceros3d. Printed the drawings and cut them of paper. Now i got the necessary pieces for the walking exercises of my legged robug. With some experimenting, i'll correct any possible mistakes in the design, maybe improve it a bit further and redo the cuttings, this time of plywood, to be able to build the first prototype. The electronics of robug and probug will fit this mechanic easily and i guess they won't make problems. 6 legged, walking robugs or probugs will be around shortly :)
if you want to download and play with my drawings to make your own walker, here it is. not the recent version, i'm improving it daily but this will help too; Simple 6 legged walker plan

you may visit the website to see some videoclips of the robot. walker's original page

Here it walks

Here is the walking videoclip of my cardboard model.
click here to download videoclip.

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