Simplebug Light Chaser
Date: Saturday, January 25 @ 05:57:45 EST
Topic: Roböcekler

People contiuously asked me for simpler and simpler robugs. And i've thought what can be simpler than a 4 transistor robot which had been published in our previous articles and ried to make one. I guess i've managed. this one runs with only 2 transistors, 2 resistors and 2 photodiodes.

You may also build simplebugs with unique looks by using junk toy pieces and bits. Here is an example;

I guess simpler than this only can be by directly connecting the motors to the batteries, obtaining a straight-only going robot toy. This one is good at chasing light.

Read on for more pictures, a videoclip of the bug while chasing light and the circuit schematic.

Here is a videoclip of the robug working, turning and going towards a light source.

Circuit Schematic is Added

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