an even simpler walker :)
Date: Tuesday, January 28 @ 07:05:58 EST
Topic: Ayaklę Robotlar

While searching the net for simpler 6 legged walking machines, the phone rang. Nihat was calling,asking for a visit, i said welcome and he came by his chopper bike. though it is around 5°C outside he was nearly frozen. But he managed to bring this lovely thing with him which was a present from one of his friends just arrived from a trip from the netherlands. A 4 legged mechanical bug.

Read on for 11 more photos and the videoclip of the bug while running and jumping around. :) Note:

added my solar version details at the end of the article

I had a dc motor with a weight on its axis lying around in my parts bin for some months which i'd extracted from a battery powered vibrating hairbrush :). By using this motor and a solar panel, it may be possible to build an solar powered version of this bug. This bug will be able to wander around in the yard randomly as long as the sun shines.

Here is the weight on the axle of the motor. Similar to the motors in vibrating cell phones but bigger.

These are the other parts. Straightened and reformed paper clips, a solar panel and the motor. There is no electronics, sensors etc.

details of my solar version below :)

Click here to see the original one in action.

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