Fire extinguisher bug (asm code and circuit schematic added)
Date: Tuesday, April 08 @ 16:39:13 EDT
Topic: Roböcekler

After a 2 months inactivity (due to my Thailand - Laos trip) here is a new robot bug. A robotic fire extinguisher. - firebug.

This new robot bug is based on our programmable robotic kit, probug. This means that our visitors who have built the probug or probug kit, will be able to modify their robugs to make this firebug.

An additional motor with a FAN attached to it is present on the firebug and a driver transistor as well. Though all the I/O pins of the microcontroller are used for other tasks of probug, the fan motor is connected to the same output pin with the piezo buzzer.

Please read on for more detailed info and some more photographs.

In the normal running mode, the bug searches light source continuously. The light source should be a small flame, like a candle. During this, the fan waits astill, not spinning. The bug gets near and near to the light source until its feelers touch it. The microcontroller then stops the forward movement of the bug and spins the fire extinguishing fan. The process repeats until the light source compleately turns out. Then the bug goes on with light searching behaviour, for other fires in sight.

Place a number of candles on the floor of a dark room and watch our bug extinguish them all, one by one. Really very funny.

Please drop your comments and ideas.

Here is the circuit schematic

Assembly source code is here.

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