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Date: Thursday, April 24 @ 06:28:35 EDT
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But this one is a bit bigger than our robot bugs. Made by Y.Etyemez, this is a robot bug based on endtas soundbug. The 4 wheel drive mechanics of an old toy car had been used as the chasis and it looks pretty nice :). A good example of making experimental robot from junk mechanical parts. The two DC motors of the toy is a bit bigger than the smal DC motors that the soundbug circuitry is designed to drive. So our friend has used additional relays to drive those bigger motors. The relays are driven simply by the soundbug circuitry. And the use of relays now enables us to drive even larger motors with the same circuitry.

Microphone amplifier circuitry is really a sensitive one which can easily sense any sound around including noise generated by the motors. After having some problems due to this, Etyemez had found a simple solution by placing the microphones up and away from the mechanics. And this had given the robot a more interesting look.

And here is an other one, The Minibug. Courtesy of RF_guy. Inspired from our robugs, he had developed a different design with a cmos chip onboard. He is preparing the circuit schematics at the moment to be published on our site soon.

This one is sent by visitor 'robotics'.

Please read on to see more photographs of these two robugs. And don't forget to add your comments about the work of our visitors. :)

Circuit schematic of the minibug.

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