Plywood Biped 'BIGFOOT' (source code & circuit schematic are added)
Date: Monday, April 28 @ 08:14:21 EDT
Topic: Ayaklę Robotlar

It is time to share a biped standing on my shelf for two months now. I didn't be able to find time to write an article with photos for BIGFOOT coz I'was a bit busy with my third kit fannybug's design work.

At last, here is the cute robot BIGFOOT :)

A small biped walker made of 2mm plywood. Powered by two RC servos. At this time, it has all the functionality of our "robug" kit. These are; Going ahead, detecting obstacles with its feelers and backing up, turning to the opposite direction of the obstacle and then continuing ahead. Not many, but a neat start ;)

The brain is a 16F84A microcontroller.

2 AA cells are carried in suitable battery holders on each side of the biped, 4 total batteries generating a 4.8V total voltage to power up the microcontroller and two servos. The BIGFOOT can walk around for long hours without any battery change. Power consumption of the complete system is quite low.

The feelers are constructed by using our usual way of making them. With the use of a wire ring and a guitar wire passing in the middle which is connected to the feeling protruding ahead. IF the feeler touches something, this bends the guitar wire and it touches the metal ring, resulting an electrical contact which is easy to be felt by the microcontroller.

The montage detail of the servo at the front. Both feet are raised or lovered by this servo (one rises while the other lowers) via two wooden sticks between the servo and the two feet.

Detail wiev of the rear servo. This servo maintains the job of pushing and pulling the legs to forward and aft while walking.

Left side wiev of BIGFOOT

Back wiev;

Perspective wiev from the back;

The circuit schematic and the asm source code will be here shortly.

Come on, all the visitors, make one BIGFOOT and lets have a meeting to race them. :)

Link for the source code.
Link for the circuit schematic.

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