Here is the deadly MiCROB
Date: Thursday, May 01 @ 07:54:25 EDT
Topic: Prototipler

Here is the result of a quick, half an hour of work ; The MiCROB, micro robot, the smallest robot i've ever built in my life. Based on one of our old projects ; The Simplebug, the microb uses the same simple (only 2 transistors) circuitry. Microb's engines are pager vibration DC motors which are really very small (around 2.5mm diameter and 7mm long). But they are powerful enough to easily move the tiny microb.

The bug doesn't have a battery though i don't have such a small battery at hand. Instead i've installed a big capacitor and for powering the bug, i simply charge it. The stored energy is enough for 2-3 seconds of movement. The bug moves for a short time and chases light. It is also possible to use small watch batteries to power MiCROB or a small solar cell along with a suitable solar engine circuitry.

The coin next to the bug may give you an idea about the size of the bug. And i guess it is possible to build it even smaller. Well i guess it is your turn to make a smaller one. The article continues with 5 more detail photos.

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