Give LIFE to your robugs
Date: Sunday, May 04 @ 13:17:09 EDT
Topic: Prototipler

As you know, our robot bugs' chasises are usually the small printed or multiholed prototyping boards which are usually cut to a bug like shape. And in our kits, the printed circuit board is designed in a manner looking like a green bug with eyes, tail, teeth etc. Some visitors think that these desing additions are enough organic forms for a robot bug. But some think that the bugs lack an natural form and this is really a big need for any robot which claims to be a bug :) Could the form of the robot bugs be improved, i've thought on this subject a bit and made some design studies that came up with some results. Here they are for your judgement, comments and also improvements.

With these designs which can be realized by using stuff lying at home, the bugs had now resembled real bugs more without losing their robot identity. :) You may see some more examples in the article which is continued.

And now, you've got a homework. That is to improve these designs, made better, more natural or less natural etc robotic bug designs, make computer renderings, even hand drawings etc. and send them to me. I'll happily publish your designs on this pages.

You may use paper, colored cardboard, plastic pieces, flexible plastic, aluminum folio, stretch film etc by cutting those materials in any desired shape and gluing them to the bug. So you'll have more beautiful bugs. I'm longing to see them ;)

Did you like these designs? Come on, lets make better ones.

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