PC Controlled Robotic Arm (Circuit Schematic and asm code are added)
Date: Thursday, June 12 @ 06:32:34 EDT
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This is our newest project, a pc controlled robotic arm with grabber.

In our bigfoot project we worked on mechanical parts cut out of sheet plywood and controlling two servo motors with a pic micro. We also talked about interfacing a PIC micro to a PC but didn't make any attempts to realize that. Now we thing it is time to work on it a bit though our robotic arm will take its movement commands from a PC via the serial or parallel port.

Since the beginning of our robotics site, we're receiving a number of messages about making robotic arms and some of them asking why we don't work on robotic arms at all. I guess the reason is simply we find robot bugs more interesting :).

Our robotic arm works with 7 servos, will be able to move in 5 axises and will be realized step by step from the base up. The hand part of the arm will be a grabber made of plywood which would be operated with one of the 7 servos.

The photos of my first prototype. The amount of axises has been reduced a bit for reducing the servomotor cost.

A similar robotic arm is being sold on the net as a ready made kit. The producer is Lynxmotion. You may see all of their projects on www.lynxmotion.com. A very nice website dedicated to amateur robotics related products. Nice products, i've seen and worked on some of them here. if you want to make a quick start to robotics, don't hesitate do purchase one.

Our robotic arm is an improved version of the one which you may see on lynxmotion's site. Our improvements are an additional movement axis and some modifications to enable the arm to be made from plywood .

You may follow the progress of the robotic arm by visiting our page regularly. This article will be modified according to the current condition of the arm. For now, we only have the CAD drawings made on Rhinoceros 3D.

The videoclip of the working prototype

First prototype's circuit schematic, no pc control etc.
First prototype's asm code, no pc control etc.

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