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Date: Monday, November 04 @ 04:50:51 EST
Topic: Prototipler

Some of my robotic bugs & mobile robots.

My second solar robug. Its name is 'showbug' though it was the star of a thesis presentation and as people said to me performed very well. With light sensitive diodes taken from an old pc mouse it runs much better than the LDR version. And also it has got bigger motors with greater torque / current ratio too.

My solarmicro project. A microcontroller (16F84)based solar robug. With feelers, it is able to detect collisions. Still under development, i'm pllanning to use a 16F870 controller as the brain and Light sensitive diodes for shadow detection. if you want the recent schematics and plans, just drop a comment below.

A new bug chassis made from old CDs. it will also be microcontroller based with two solar panels (200mA at 2v each).

My showbug, bottom view.

Showbug again.

And this is the bigger project. A triwheeled mobile robot chasis with feeler swittches. The chasis is suitable for fairly large circuitry such as IR or ultrasonic range detectors, several light and sound circuits, maybe a remote control circuitry. Or all at once on a microcontroller based system.

triwheel, bottom view.

triwheel, side view.

Old mice are full of small items which you may use for constructing small robot insects. items like, photo transistors, IR leds, small switches, a long cable, and a nice plastic case. The case is mostly suitable for making a small robot with two small pager motors.

These are the switches that i use in my bugs as feelers.

Various solar panels. Chinese made, cheap and high quality.

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