Protobug and Boardbug
Date: Monday, August 11 @ 16:50:49 EDT
Topic: Prototipler

These are my latest bugs, they are similar and both designed for the prototype work of my next bug which is an only-transistor bug with more complex functions, sound effects etc.

The bug on the left is the boardbug and the one on the right is the protobug

The boardbug, as its name implies, consists of a bradboard a piece of multi holed prototyping board, two small DC motors and a back wheel. Breadboards are as most of you know used for easy prototyping and testing of circuits without using solder etc.

With only 5 parts, the boardbug is probably the easiest and cheapest solution for testing small mobile-robot hardware and software. The easiest and efficient robot chasis available. ;)

And the protobug is one step further improved than boardbug and it is closer to a real robotic bug. On protobug, a multiholed prototyping pcb is used as the robot chasis. You have to make the necessary circuitry on it by mounting and soldering components. The advantage is to obtain a more sturdy robot bug that will last and won't be effected by small bumps and falls while working. And as you see the protobug has got a transparent outer shell. The shell is a plastic piece taken from a mikrosoft mouse package. Different shapes and figures can also be drawn onto it to make bug look like more bug.

There are some more detail photos at the last part of the article.

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