Notgatebug, Cafer :)
Date: Tuesday, September 23 @ 09:01:41 EDT
Topic: Roböcekler

Bugs are everywhere.. My home is full of robot bugs. Shelves, drawers, tables.. hundreds of them. You even have to take care not to step on a bug while walking :). I wish i'd thought of the boardbug earlier. This mess will end thanks to it. I'm realizing all my newbug designs on it now.

This is our newest bug. Notgatebug Cafer. As the number of bugs grew up, finding a name for them became more difficult also.

Cafer's functions are simple. And the most important thing about it is its circuitry. A simple one mainly designed for beginners, having a little amount of components, no H bridges, not many wiring, no need for exact working voltages etc. Just some CMOS not gates, two transistors and some resistors. Cafer wanders around avoiding obstacles by detecting them with its whisker sensors. Cafer also avoids dark areas and always tries to be in lighter places by the use of its two LDRs. A LDR is a resistor which is inverse proportionally sensitive to light which decreases its value when light level goes high.

That's all.. A nice beginners' robotic project. Cafer can not do anything else, i wanted to add sound detection to it too but encountered some problems that need more time to solve so i gave up. Working with sound is easier when you have a microcontroller onboard which Cafer doesn't have.

Here is Cafer

The article continues with two more photos and the circuit schematic of Cafer. Don't let the schematic scare you, most of those components are in two IC's. And all of them takes up only a small amount of space on the bug.

LDR's are pointed by the red arrow.

Cafer's circuit schematic

I'm inspired from RF_Guy's minibug while designing Cafer. Thanks RF. I'd forgotten to write C1 and C2 capacitor values. They are both 22 microfarads.

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