Haspi, the bomb seeker, search and invtestigation robot.
Date: Saturday, December 20 @ 10:45:10 EST
Topic: Prototipler

This is a small robot application which is connected to the pc via serial port and accepts commands from the pc. It goes ahead, turns left-right in place and goes backwards. The brain is a pic 16F627 microcontroller.

4 I/O pins of the micro are used to drive the two DC motors with two independent H bridges constructed from 4 BC series transistors each. There are 6 general purpose inputs and 4 general purpose outputs. The inputs are available to transfer data coming from the sensors of the robot to the pc.. And 3 of the outputs can be used to command & drive additional peripherals of the robot. An output is generating a continuous 38khz pulse which is suitable for IR signal modulation etc. Can be used for making an obstacle avoidance system on the robot. This 38khz signal can also be used for IR communications.. Or standalone RF modules can also be used on the serial port to make the system a RF remote-controlled one.

A project which is suitable for all kind of improvements and usage. Read on for more pics, circuit schematics and PIC source's hex code.

To start running the "haspi robot", you need to use the hyper terminal program or a similar one. Run hyper terminal, connect haspi robot, select the appropriate com port then power the bug.. If everything is proper, you must see a small message of the version number of the program running. That means the bug is ready to run and waiting for commands to be sent thru serial port. You may send commands by using the pc keyboard.

The commands are:

w : forward
a : left
s : stop
d : right
z : backwards

Haspi Robot Circuit

Haspi Robot Hex Code

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