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Date: Sunday, December 28 @ 16:30:10 EST
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  • Robug, robot bug kit,
  • Probug robot bug kit,
  • Dancer & Singer Cicadebug robot bug kit,
  • Fanny Fighterbug robot bug kit,
  • Ladybug robot bug kit,
  • Solar Panel 1.6v 200mA,
  • Multipurpose solar panel with adjustable voltage output and AA battery charger,
  • Empty robug printed circuit board,
  • Empty probug printed circuit board,
  • Suitable DC motors for robug usage (pair)
  • One channel IR remote on off switch 24$ (assembled)
  • RF remote of off switch (Assembled) One channel : 37$ Dual channel : 50$
  • Deluxe Precision servo 22 $
  • Pic micros preprogrammed with our robug projects' source codes. 19.95$
  • Electronic component pack. enough components for making 2 robugs.

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    Robug 19$ (Kit)
    [ Detail Photos ]

    Robug kit functions

  • Professionally made, bug shaped PCB .
  • The robug always moves when powered, searching for a path.
  • Detects and avoids obstacles by using its feelers.
  • Turns towards the opposite direction when it senses an obstacle from a side. If any head-on collision is detected, it backs up, turns either left or right. Starts its normal operation after that.
  • By the use of very low power DC motors (included), the bug can run for hours.
  • Can be powered directly from a solar panel. Then it can move without batteries under direct sunlight and even can charge its own batteries when not in use.
  • Has an on-off switch to change from normal operation mode to charging mode and vice versa.

  • [VideoClip1]-[VideoClip2]-[VideoClip3]-[VideoClip4]-[VideoClip5]-[VideoClip6]

    Probug.. 29$ (Kit)
    [ Detail Photos ]

    Probug's Functions

  • Microcontroller based hobby robot with a bug shaped PCB.
  • Can be programmed up to 32 steps with the use of the buttons on the bug. The program is saved into the microcontroller's nonvolatile memory automatically and is run each time the bug is powered.
  • Generates bug-like sound effects while in operation.
  • Sensitive to light by the use of a photodiod light sensor.
  • Dark frightens the tiny probug. It always avoids dark areas giving an S.O.S. signal when enters a dark region, backing up to the lighter place where it came from.
  • If it cannot get back to light by backing directly up, then it assumes the lights are off and sleeps for a while. After several seconds of sleep, it gets up and switches to light-search mode. Proceeds towards the brightest place around by turn-scanning its environment.
  • Detects and avoids obstacles by its mechanical feelers.
  • Probug has got a "security bug" mode. In this mode it continuously monitors its environment for light changes. it doesn't give any response to slow changing light, but if the light change speed is faster, it recognises that and gives sound signals. a single beep for decreasing light and two beeps for increasing light. If the light level changes more, or any feelers detect an obstacle around, it gives a ten second alarm sound.
  • Morning rooster mode. :) the user enters a time as # of hours and # of ten minutes then puts the bug into rooster mode in which the bug remains silent and static. After the given time elapsed, the bug begins its normal operation waking up the user probably sleeping nearby :)
  • With its very low power consumption, the bug can run for hours in normal operation, for days in security & rooster bug mode.

  • [Probug Light search videoclip] -- [Dancing Probug videoclip] -- [Probug Collision Detection Videoclip]

    Critterbug.. 35$ (Kit)

    [ Detail Pictures ]

    [ Assembly Pictures ]
    Critterbug's functions.

  • Loves music & loves dancing ;)
  • Can wander around avoiding obstacles.
  • Plays a wide variety of melodies.
  • You (the robotbuilder) can program the bug for playing a song of your own via the on board programming buttons. The bug saves the song into its nonvolatile memory and dances with the music when you want (or it gets bored etc).
  • As the robot gets happier, it sings happy songs, if you don't play it for long, its mood gets bored, starts to sing unhappy songs.
  • Light search mode; the bug searches a lightsource or a well lit place. You can make it wander from room to room by swtitching the lights on-off.
  • Dark search mode: the bug searches the darkest places around. If it finds it, it goes to sleep. It makes sleaping sounds.
  • Light commanding system. You can command the bug via an ordinary electric torch. It can wander around with the given light commands.
  • The bug is in wait mode when powered on. The on-board buttons are used to switch it between running modes. If no button is pressed for a certain amount of time, the bugs starts to get bored. When the environment becomes dark, the bug gets scared, it screams, trembles, tries to run away etc. If dark continues, the bug sleeps. If the bug gets much bored, starts to wander around, plays a random song and may dance around.
  • Can run for days with its very low power consuming design.

  • Fanny Fighterbug.. 40$ (Kit)
    [ Detail Pictures ]

    [ Assembly Pictures ]
    Fannyfighterbug's Functions.

  • Has got 3 motors, two for drive and one for the fire extinguishing fan at the top.
  • Robug's all functions
  • Fanny is a fierce bug which fights with light sources. This lightsource can be an other fanny carrying a small bulb or a lit candle. They both perform a number of fight tricks to blow the other one's light off.
  • Fanny can find and blow off all the candles which are distributed on the floor of a dark room. Don't gives up until the last light source is blown off.
  • Can work in various light levels, easily finds the light source with a more complex searching scheme.
  • Can look for a better lit place. You can make it wander from room to room by turning on-off the room lights.
  • Can Look for a darker place, if finds, happily goes to sleep giving out various moanings, sleeping souns etc.
  • Fannybug has got a command-via-light mode. In which you can command it by using an ordinary torch, giving on-off signals. The number of your light signals forms the command.
  • The bug starts in "wait" mode. Along with presses on its onboard buttons, switches to the modes above. If the buttons are not pressed for a longer period, it starts to get bored. When bored, the bugs may wander around randomly, play random songs, can operate its fan and blow itself. If the environment gets dark instantly, the bug gets scared, screams , trembles and even may try to run away. Then starts to sleep until the environment is lit again. And music, one of fanni's nice habits, it can play a number of songs ranging from the 9th symphony to metallica's one. :)

  • Ladybug.. 25$ (Kit)
    [ Working Videoclip ]

    Ladybug's functions

  • High quality, ladybug shaped PCB
  • Ready holes around the PCB enable additional shell or solarpanel assembly.
  • Continuously moves, avoiding obstacles.
  • Turns to the opposite direction of the obstacle detected. Backs up and tries to avoid head on collisions as well.
  • Has got 8 colour LEDs on the board, 4 of them constantly ON, the other turns on-off along with the movements of the robot. Looks nice while operating in a dark place.
  • Has got translucent eyes with LED inside.
  • By use of very low power DC motors (included), can run for hours. Operates with two AA cells.
  • Can be operated from a single ETM-250 solar cell.
  • Has got an on-off switch.

  • Robug, Probug, Critterbug, Fannybug, Ladybuy comes as complete kits. Everything is included for the realization of the robot. You'll only need the assembly tools and two AA batteries additionally. You can buy our kits at our secure shopping site powered by www.2checkout.com

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