Robot Statues
Date: Thursday, March 04 @ 18:13:38 EST
Topic: Atelye

I've made two decorative robot statues. I've used electronic components, small beads and some metal pieces which I'd cut out of electronic components. I've soldered the pieces together by using an ordinary soldering iron.

I've made hair with resistors leads, head, knees etc with small beads. Used smaller beads to hide the solder blobs at some places.

Higher watt resistors became the body, leg etc of my statues while smaller resistors, like the 1/8 watt ones became fingers. I've cut and bent the leads of resistors like fingernails.

I've formed both feet with thicker leads of higher watt resistors. Made ears out of tantal capacitors, noses from longer tantal caps.

These are both stationary robot statues with decorative purposes only. But statues with more moving ability, with electronics etc can also be made. In the simplest form, there can be some circuitry and LEDs that flash periodically or according to light level, sound signals etc. All up to you. Find an interesting circuitry, made it in the "freeform way" , in the shape you desire for your robotic statue. And realize it :)

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