Charge your cellphone with solar energy
Date: Thursday, June 24 @ 15:58:37 EDT
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Though i was planning to have a boat trip in the near future, i felt the need of the solar charging system described in this article. i've connected 3 solar panels in series to obtain the necessary 5V charging voltage for my cell phone. i've used only some wires, panels and the jack to insert my cellphone and no other electronic components were necessary.

The panels i've used were chinese made high quality ones which are able to produce 200mA continuous current while supplying 1.6-1.8V DC voltage under sunlight. Well though the panels would be connected in series, the total current capacity of the system would be the same with one of the panels, while the voltage output will be 3 times of one panel's. So the current need of the cell phone shouldn't exceed 200mA, otherwise more panels would be needed to be connected in parallel to increase system's current output. The measurement showed that my cell phone only draws around 191mA current and that was below the charging system's current capacity. I did the necessary solderings and mechanical placement of the panels, used the cable and jack remained from an junk cell phone charger and connnected it to my system. It worked in my first trial. it also continued to operate properly in a long term test and charged my cell phone successfully.

1.6-1.8V DC de yaklasik 200mA akim verebilen günes panellerini sitemizden temin edebilirsiniz. Adeti 10$ dir, kargo ile türkiyenin her yerine gönderebilirim.

When mains is not close to enable us use our normal cell phone charger, for example if we are in a boat trip, or on a trek or biking trip in the countryside, this system would be ready to serve :). The system is not only for charging cell phones, it can be used for charging any rechargeable cell or any rechargeable powered system like GPS devices, radios, walkmans, cd players, miniature TV sets, remote controlled cars, boats, planes etc. By dividing the voltage value your instrument to be charged needs by 1.6, you can easily calculate the number of panels to be used for your system. If 6V is necessary, then 4 panels will be ok for your system, likewise, 3 panels for 4.5V, 2 panels for 3V or 8 panels for 12V etc.

You can use a similar system to recharge the batteries of your mobile robot as well.

Here is my prototype charger, read on for more photos and connection schematics.

You can obtain the necessary solar panels directly from our site. Especially tested and used in this project, the ETM 250 solar panel gives 200mA at 1.6-1.8V under sunlight. 20$ each.

Circuit Schematic

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