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Robotik & Elektronik: Ayaklı Robotlar

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Robotrex Robotic Dinasaur
Posted by ozkal on Monday, December 06 @ 09:19:37 EST (14459 reads)
Topic Ayaklı Robotlar
Here is our robotic project; Robotrex. A robotic dinosaur. Its name comes from the words "Robot" and "tyrosaurus-Rex". Inspired from our older projects "Bigfoot" and "the Goggles", this project was built specially for our endtas.com fair stand in 2004 Izmir international fair. Instead of forgetting it around somewhere under dust i worked on a plywood cutting plan and a computer model of it to share the project with our visitors.

Note: Source Code

The goggles' source code and circuit schematic

Bigfoot's circuit schematic

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Welcome goggles (Circuit schematic & hex codes added)
Posted by ozkal on Thursday, January 01 @ 12:17:48 EST (7746 reads)
Topic Ayaklı Robotlar
Here is my latest robot; "The goggles". The most advanced robot to be published on our site so far with 3 microcontrollers onboard which communicate with each other by parallel busses..

It walks on its two feet like our previous walker robot "bigfoot". In fact this robot is an improved model of the bigfoot. This has got an IR (infra-red) obstacle detection system which enables the walker to detect obstacles up to 40cm range. With a single modulated IR detector and 4 IR LEDs, the robot can detect obstacles in front as well as both sides.

Additionally, the goggles has got a pair of ears. Two condenser type microphones which signals are amplified by two separate circuits. The signals are then sensed by the onboard microcontroller. The main controller can detect the length of sound signals as well as the phase difference between signals coming from the left or the right. So direction of the sound coming, can be detected easily.

A visible light sensor is present. The environmental light can be measured analoguously within 32 steps ( 5 bits).

There is a piezo buzzer to generate sound. The signals for the sound generation comes directly from the main controller, from some asm routines written to make sound efects, notes & some music. Sounds can also be used for the robot to express "its feelings".

If sounds are not adequate, it also can express its feelings via the 5x7 dot-matrix display onboard. A simple face drawing showing some feelings will tell the mood of the robot, to the outside world. A separate controller will drive the LED matrix display according to commands sent from the main controller.

Still working on it. no circuit schematic or hex codes are ready yet. I'll need some time for completing the project and publish the sources. But there are some more photos of the project available.. Read on!

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Plywood Biped 'BIGFOOT' (source code & circuit schematic are added)
Posted by ozkal on Monday, April 28 @ 08:14:21 EDT (7518 reads)
Topic Ayaklı Robotlar
It is time to share a biped standing on my shelf for two months now. I didn't be able to find time to write an article with photos for BIGFOOT coz I'was a bit busy with my third kit fannybug's design work.

At last, here is the cute robot BIGFOOT :)

A small biped walker made of 2mm plywood. Powered by two RC servos. At this time, it has all the functionality of our "robug" kit. These are; Going ahead, detecting obstacles with its feelers and backing up, turning to the opposite direction of the obstacle and then continuing ahead. Not many, but a neat start ;)

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an even simpler walker :)
Posted by ozkal on Tuesday, January 28 @ 07:05:58 EST (4505 reads)
Topic Ayaklı Robotlar
While searching the net for simpler 6 legged walking machines, the phone rang. Nihat was calling,asking for a visit, i said welcome and he came by his chopper bike. though it is around 5°C outside he was nearly frozen. But he managed to bring this lovely thing with him which was a present from one of his friends just arrived from a trip from the netherlands. A 4 legged mechanical bug.

Read on for 11 more photos and the videoclip of the bug while running and jumping around. :) Note:

added my solar version details at the end of the article

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A new and simple walker mech with 6 legs
Posted by ozkal on Thursday, January 23 @ 10:18:59 EST (4220 reads)
Topic Ayaklı Robotlar
while wandering around the net looking for some new methods for 6 legged walking, i came across this one. Seems like a cheap toy robot. maybe even a kit. But it walks great and runs with only a pair of DC motors with reduction gear. Turns, goes fast, slow, forward and backwards. very fine.

The hand control holds two AA batteries wired to two double pole double throw switches. Each switch allows a motor to move forward and reverse.

isometric view

Read more to see walking & turning animations as well as three videoclips.
Note: you may visit the website to see some videoclips of the robot. walker's original page

Here it walks

Here is the walking videoclip of my cardboard model.
click here to download videoclip.

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