M-Class British Submarine

The British M-class submarines were a fascinating and unconventional series of underwater vessels that captured the imaginations of naval enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Imagine a submarine that, instead of relying solely on torpedoes, was equipped with a massive 12-inch gun on its deck. This is precisely what made the M-class submarines so unique and intriguing. Conceived during World War I, these submarines were designed to combine the stealth and surprise of a submarine with the firepower of a battleship. The result was a hybrid that promised to pack a punch from beneath the waves.

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Leyland-Levend Public Bus 66cm long

We have covered the Leyland bus before and also published a 3d model. This time things are a bit more sophisticated. This article includes a 66cms long, 3d printable, multi-part model of MCW B36D model bus of the Leyland company.

The model can also be used in remote control projects.

Leyland was a well-known British vehicle manufacturer, particularly famous for producing buses and trucks. Leyland buses were widely used in public transportation systems across the UK and many other countries.

  1. History: Leyland Motors was founded in 1896 and became one of the most prominent manufacturers of commercial vehicles, including buses, in the 20th century.
  2. Models: Some notable Leyland bus models include the Leyland Titan, Leyland Atlantean, and Leyland National. These models were widely used in public transportation systems.
  3. Innovations: Leyland buses were known for their robust engineering and innovations in public transportation, such as the introduction of double-decker buses and rear-engine designs.
  4. Global Presence: Leyland buses were exported and used in many countries, becoming a significant part of public transportation systems worldwide.
  5. Merger and Legacy: In 1968, Leyland Motors merged with British Motor Corporation to form British Leyland. Despite facing financial difficulties, the company’s legacy continued, and its influence is still seen in many vintage and classic bus collections.

The Leyland-MCW B36D was a type of single-decker bus body that was built on Leyland chassis by the Metropolitan Cammell Weymann (MCW) company.

Continue reading for detailed information about this model and a free 21cm long 3d printable model. To proceed to get the high rez multi-part (175 STL files in total) just click here.

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HMS Majestic Battleship 1m Model

The HMS Majestic class battleships epitomize naval prowess and technological mastery of their era. Built during a time of intense global competition, these majestic vessels represented the pinnacle of naval engineering, designed to dominate the seas with their formidable presence.

The HMS Majestic class battleships had two other classes that were very similar in design:

  1. Canopus Class: These ships were slightly smaller and faster, designed to navigate the Suez Canal more easily. They had a similar armament layout but with thinner armor to save weight.
  2. Formidable Class: These were almost identical to the Majestic class but featured slightly improved armor and armament. They were essentially an incremental improvement over the Majestic class.

These classes shared many design characteristics and operational roles, reflecting the evolutionary approach to battleship design in the pre-dreadnought era.

Read on for more information and your free STL file for printing your MHS Majestic model. If you would like to get to our multi-part high rez model of the Majestic, IT IS HERE. It’s a 155MB zip file that includes the 3d model as 100+ STL files and also the Unreal Engine compatible GLB format.

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Abdülkadir ironclad warship 1m model

Once upon a time in the vibrant heart of the Ottoman Empire, a grand vision was set into motion—the creation of the Abdülkadir ironclad warship. Though its story took a different turn than originally intended, the tale of this unfinished marvel remains an intriguing chapter in naval history.

In the mid-19th century, as naval technology advanced rapidly, the Ottoman Empire sought to bolster its maritime strength. The plan to construct a fleet of ironclad warships was born, and among these was the Abdülkadir. This ironclad was envisioned as a symbol of the empire’s modernization and technological ambition.

Designed to be a floating fortress, the Abdülkadir was intended to feature a robust iron-plated hull and powerful armament, capable of withstanding and delivering formidable blows in naval battles. It was to be a testament to the ingenuity of Ottoman engineers and shipbuilders.

Abdülkadir 3d model file pack

Continue reading for more images, info and a free STL file of a panorama of Abdülkadir on the high seas. You can proceed to purchasing our 3d printable, multi-piece model of the never completed ironclad, complete it yourself. The model is a 2.5-3mm thick hull with empty interior, well suitable for R/C projects. This is a 147MB file pack that includes the ship in high quality STL files (150+ separate files) and Unreal Engine Compatible GLB file.

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Ottoman Ironclad Feth-i Bülend

The Historic Legacy of Feth-i Bulend: Ottoman Empire’s Ironclad Marvel

In the late 19th century, amidst a period of rapid technological advancements and naval modernization, the Ottoman Empire embarked on a remarkable journey in maritime innovation with the commissioning of the ironclad warship Feth-i Bulend. This vessel, with its impressive design and strategic significance, left an indelible mark on Ottoman naval history.

Feth-i Bülend Ironclad Corvette

Feth-i Bülend (Ottoman Turkish: “Great Victory”) was an Ottoman ironclad warship built in the late 1860s, the lead ship of her class. The Ottoman Navy ordered her from the British Thames Iron Works, and she was laid down in 1868, launched in 1869, and commissioned in 1870. She was armed with four 229 mm (9 in) guns, was powered by a single-screw compound steam engine with a top speed of 13 knots (24 km/h; 15 mph).

download this 3d printable panorama from this article

Continue reading for more images, info and a free STL file of a panorama of Feth-i Bülend on the high seas. You can proceed to purchasing our 3d printable, multi-piece model of the ironclad for building your own legend by clicking here. The model is a 3mm thick hull with empty interior, well suitable for R/C projects. This is a 80MB file pack that includes Feth-i Bülend in high quality STL files (89 separate files) and Unreal Engine Compatible GLB file.

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British K-class submarines

They were a series of steam-propelled submarines built for the Royal Navy during World War I. However, they were notorious for being plagued with design flaws and accidents.

These submarines were much larger than their predecessors, with the intention of carrying a significant number of torpedoes and having longer endurance. However, they were beset with issues such as instability, poor handling characteristics, and mechanical failures. The most infamous incident involving the K-class submarines was the Battle of May Island in 1918, where a collision during a night exercise led to the loss of two submarines and 104 crew members.

Continue reading for more info and renderings. Your free hi-rez STL file for our K-Class model is at the end of the article. You can get our multi-part 30+mb file pack from here.

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Sultanhisar Torpedo Boat

Sultanhisar was a torpedo boat of the Ottoman Navy. She was built in 1907 by Schneider & Cie in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, and transferred the same year to Turkey (more info on Schneider 38m class torpedo boats). She is best known for her action during the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I as she sank Royal Australian Navy submarine HMAS AE2 in the Sea of Marmara and captured her crew.

The model is 1 meter long

As of 16 October 1912, Sulthanisar was assigned to the Bosporus Fleet Command. From 19 December 1912 on, she served at the Armoured Warship Division.

During the naval operations in the Dardanelles Campaign of World War I, the torpedo boat Sultanhisar was tasked with patrolling in the Dardanelles Strait. In addition, she daily transported German general Otto Liman von Sanders, who was the adviser and military commander of the Ottoman Army, between Eceabat and Gallipoli. On 29 April 1915, she received orders to return to Constantinople by sailing along the west coast of the Sea of Marmara. On the way, Commander Ali Rıza Bey changed his route and sailed eastwards in response to reports of the presence of a possible enemy submarine in that area.

Continue reading for the rest of the story and free 3d printable model. You can purchase the full model pack from here. The 49mB pack includes the model in high resolution STL files(62 in total) and Unreal Engine compatible .GLB format. Free Sultanhisar model is at the end of the article.

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The Epic Sea Battle of AE-2 Submarine and Sultanhisar Torpedo Boat

In the annals of naval history, there are battles that stand out not just for their strategic significance but also for the sheer audacity and courage displayed by the sailors involved. One such remarkable encounter took place during World War I in the waters of the Marmara Sea, where the Australian submarine AE-2 faced off against the formidable Sultanhisar torpedo boat, creating a saga of bravery and maritime prowess.

The stage was set in April 1915, a time when the Great War was raging across Europe and its theaters extending into the Mediterranean. The Ottoman Empire, a key player in the conflict, controlled vital sea routes in the eastern Mediterranean, posing a threat to Allied shipping and military operations. The Allies, including Australia, were keen to establish naval dominance in these waters.

Continue reading for the rest of the article and the free 3d model of the battle diorama.

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British E-class submarine 1m model

In the murky depths of World War I’s naval battlegrounds, a silent but deadly force emerged—the British E-class submarines. These underwater marvels redefined warfare, lurking beneath the waves to strike fear into enemy fleets. Let’s dive deep into their captivating story!

Below is our 1 meter long 3d printable model. Download a free version at the end of this article.

The Birth of the Stealth Warriors Picture a time when submarines were the stuff of science fiction, yet the Royal Navy dared to dream bigger. Enter the E-class submarines, born from a vision of stealth and precision. With sleek designs and cutting-edge technology, they were the navy’s hidden trump cards.

Please continue reading for more info, renderings of our 1meter long 3d printable model and download links.

If you want to directly proceed to our multi-part, multi-format, highest-rez model pack, it’s HERE (opens in new tab).

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Robur’s Albatros 1m model

“The Albatros Chronicles: A Seriously Hilarious Odyssey through the Skies”

In the annals of airborne extravagance, none shines brighter than Jules Verne’s “Robur the Conqueror,” featuring the pièce de résistance of Victorian sky-travel – the Albatros. Brace yourself for a journey through clouds, wit, and a dash of steam-powered comedy, as we unravel the marvels of this flying contraption that’s part bird, part machine, and all showbiz.

The Albatros Soars – Because Who Needs a Gondola Anyway?

Meet Robur, the genius with a mustache that could rival Hercule Poirot’s and an ambition as high as the dirigibles he dreams of. His brainchild, the Albatros, is not your grandma’s hot air balloon; it’s more like the Beyoncé of airships – elegant, powerful, and the envy of anything stuck on terra firma.

This flying wonder is the result of Robur’s love affair with innovation and his disdain for sluggish transportation. The Albatros isn’t just an airship; it’s a fashion statement, soaring through the skies with the grace of a peacock at a ball. And who needs a gondola when you can have a flying fortress that could double as the gates of heaven?

Discover the Albatros, free PC game. Download from this article.

To directly proceed to buying this model, its here. You can listen to Jules Verne’s novel in the video while watching our animated 3d Albatros below. You can get both the 20cm and 100cm models as a bundle for a reduced price here it is. You can continue reading the rest of the article and download a free STL file for the display model of Albatros.

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