Mini moke tot rod kid’s car bodyshell

CAM files for the Minimoke tot rod kids car body. The body can be used for DIY hobby projects, building your child a ride etc.

Can be made from sheet material cut to specs with a laser cutter, water jet or similar other methods. Designed for 12mm thick plywood. Requiress less than one standart 1220x2440mm plywood sheet (approx 2/3 as shown in pics).

Assembly is done by using bolts and nuts only. All slots and holes are present at the model files. No major shaping should be necessary after laser cutting.

This car body perfectly fits to my other product: tot rod mini car chassis.. sizes and bolt holes etc. match. Please look for it in my other designs.

Caution this purchase doesn’t include the chasis files. This is the purchase for Minimoke car body only. Car chassis files should be purchased separately.

CAM files are downloadable in 12 different formats

Here is the secure purchase link. After the payment, the CAM files will be automatically delivered to you by

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