Wheel Cover Designs

We designed some wheel hub covers, all of them are 3d printable with 4×98 screw distance.

Read on for details of the designs.


(Click the below images to open the related secure purchase page)

With this link, you can purchase all 18 designs by paying for only 16. Two are free.

All designs can be printed either in one piece or two pieces. They all sit on a base with common dimensions and necessary screw holes. It is probably easier to print in two pieces and later either glue or screw fit them together. All screw holes are ready for assembly. Please check the suitability of the dimensions above to your rims.
This is the empty base
This is the base and can be used alone if preferred.
Baby Moon (Check the dimensions below)
the Baby Moon dimensions are as above.
Baby Moon Mini
Bosh with Abarth Scorpion
Bosh with classic Fiat badge
Classic Abarth
Cromodora Abarth
Giannini quattro
Giannini badge version
Giannini Logo version
Planetary Gears
Spoked with big Abarth scorpion
Spoked with small Abarth scorpion
Castle Star, Ben Hur style
Star with Large Spiral, Ben Hur style
Star with air whistles, Ben Hur style
Ying Yang

There might be small design differences to the downloaded STL files. Purchase links will be added soon. For strictly non commmercial use, each download can be used to print a 5 piece set only.

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