Mechanical Remote Control Handheld Unit

This is a 3d printable model for mechanical RC projects. It uses bicycle brake wires for transferring steering information and there is empty space inside for two 18650 Type li-ion batteries.

There are two versions as shown.

The first version has round buttons and the second one has rectangle switches. You can mix different top covers to obtain other versions. Continue reading for more info.

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Fiat 126 Fog – Rear Lights

These lights should fit to a fiat 126p or bis. 3d printable as usual.

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Messerschmitt Cycle Car KR200

The Messerschmitt KR200, or Kabinenroller (Cabin Scooter), is a three-wheeled bubble car designed by the aircraft engineer Fritz Fend and produced in the factory of the German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt from 1955 until 1964.

3d printable model of the legendary car

This is a 3d printable model toy of the vehicle. The canopy opens and closes, wheels turn etc. Nice gift for your child.

Read more for more renderings and STL files.

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Railton Special Speed Record Car

The Railton Special: A Thrilling Tale of Tire-Squealing Speed!


Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re about to take a wild ride through the exhilarating world of the Railton Special! This ain’t your grandma’s sedan; this is the stuff of automotive legend, where horsepower meets the pursuit of insanity and then goes, “Hold my oil can!”

A Uniquely Insane Beginning

Picture this: the late 1930s, a time when engineers were less concerned with cupholders and more interested in making things go fast. Enter Reid Railton, a mad genius with an itch to build a car that would send other vehicles crying to their garage. His mission? To break land speed records and make every other car feel like it’s stuck in reverse!

The Heart-Pounding Power

Beneath the hood of the Railton Special lay the heart of a beast, a supercharged 27-liter Rolls-Royce V12 aircraft engine that was basically a mechanical dragon on wheels. With a wild 500 horsepower – that’s right, 500 – this engine made other engines whimper and beg for mercy. It’s the kind of power that could make 0 to 60 mph feel like teleportation, and it did it in less time than it takes to order a fast-food burger.

continue reading for the renderings of the model and the links to the STL files.

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Fiat S76

The Mighty Beast:

A Glimpse into Automotive History

In the early 20th century, the quest for speed and power in the automotive world was reaching new heights. During this era of innovation and competition, the Fiat S76 emerged as a symbol of engineering prowess and a testament to the relentless pursuit of speed. Also known as the “Beast of Turin,” the Fiat S76 stands as a captivating chapter in the history of automobiles.

Read more for more information and free STL file to print this lovely (one of my favourites) model.

The multi piece, paid STL file pack is right here. Thanks for paying for a 1 month hosting for our site, it will live thanks to you.

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Fiat 126 Engine hood handle

3d printable handle & lock for the fiat 126p air cooled engine hood.

Here is the first printed sample.
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Fiat 126 Engine Hood Spoiler

This is a 3d printable engine hood spoiler for the Fiat 126p.

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Fiat 126 Engine Hood Vent Covers

Old visitors knows that we are a huge fan of fiat 126s and we like to develop 126 accesories all the time.

I’ve previously developed engine vent covers and many of them are successfully printed and used around the world.

previous version

you can find the previous version in this article.

And now there are three more,

Continue reading for more images and STL files for 3d printing.

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Fiat 126 Steering Wheel

I’ve made this wheel for 3d printing, size is suitable for being used as a keychain or decoration.

Continue reading for downloading STL files

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Fiat 126 Robotic Electric Vehicle

Fiat 126 Car body and robot126 chassis together

We’ve made this project as a development platform for a small electric vehicle. We’ve made it with a fiat 126 form as you know we are great fiat 126 enthusiasts. The circuitry is made in a way which makes it possible to be used both in a scaled down model car as well as a larger, load or passenger carrying vehicle. It can communicate with different motor drivers, DC or servo motors.

For more information and images, please continue reading.

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