Before you proceed to dowload and print parts from www.endtas.com, know that these parts are designed for hobby purposes only and printing them by using improper materials and using them on your vehicles or daily life can reduce your vehicle’s safety, eg. visibility by others and potentially harm you. Be advised to use proper materials to meet your contry health-safety standards and have the printed parts tested for compliance to these standards before using them. If you don’t, and anything happens to you, endtas.com is not responsible in any way.

Downloading a file from our site or using any printed part bearing our site address on it means you accept this disclaimer.

Most of the designs presented on this site bear watermarks such as “endtas.com”, “downloaded from endtas.com”, “not for sale” etc. They are mostly at the invisible parts of the model or sometimes visible but at the botttom sides of the parts. Those watermarks can not be erased and should be left as they are.

All of the designs and STL files belong to www.endtas.com and can not be used for commercial purposes or sold for profit. You can only use them for your personal hobby purposes. Each STL file can be printed 5 times, if you print more than 5, for every 5 prints you need to make a new purchase of the file.

If you want to use our designs for commercially or if you ask for a specific design or part to be made for you by us, you can send us a detailed inquiry. Thank you.

Done with disclaimer, here are the quick STLs to several other 3d printable things. Enjoy.

A decorative vase, (According to health and safety rules, sticking your head into a plastic vase might induce serious problems with your health)

There are several pages full of other models. Read more to see them.

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