CommLock Space 1999

3d printable model of the CommLock device from Space 1999. When I was a kid, I used to dream about having and using the Commlock in daily life to talk to my friends and family. Now everyone has one in the pocket, lucky us :D.

I know that there are already many models available for the commlock. Mine is different with not only for having more details from the outside, but also having more details at the inside to assemble and hold electronics to make a running model.

In the British science fiction television series “Space: 1999,” the “commlock” is a multifunctional communication and personal data device used by the characters on Moonbase Alpha. The series, which aired from 1975 to 1977, is set in the near future, where the Moon has been turned into a deep space research facility.

You can get the 3d printable model of the CommLock device from here. This model has 33 parts to enable you to build your own CommLock. The model is designed with interior details for installing circuitry, a TFT display or any other system inside, making your Commlock to actually run. there are numerous free projects on the net suitable for this purpose. Continue reading for downloading the free version of the 3d model.

Space 1999 intro and ending

The commlock is a handheld device that resembles a small tablet or smartphone and serves various purposes:

  1. Communication: The commlock is primarily used for voice communication among the Moonbase Alpha personnel. It allows them to communicate with each other and with the Command Center.
  2. Identification: It serves as a personal identification device, allowing access to restricted areas and equipment. Users often need to insert the commlock into a slot to gain access.
  3. Data Storage: The commlock can store and retrieve important data and information relevant to the mission. It is often used to access technical manuals and other documents.
  4. Environmental Controls: It can control various environmental functions within the Moonbase, such as opening and closing doors, regulating temperature, and controlling security systems.
  5. Locator: The commlock can help locate individuals within the Moonbase by tracking their signals, making it useful in emergency situations or for finding lost crew members.
  6. Medical Monitoring: In some episodes, the commlock is used for monitoring the health and vital signs of crew members.
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