This website needs your support

This website and all the designs, 3d models, circuits and code presented are made by using two computers, of which the newest is 12 years old. (Please Don’t ask how old is the older one :D)

Nowadays the design programs’ requirements and the detail levels of my models have increased drastically and that makes me wait for every operation during design work for a considerable time, slowing me down while generating new content.

me and my assistant “Monday”, working on a new design.

I also use those old computers for education tasks, which also take a lot of my time. I have many new designs and models in my mind that i want to present online to you.

Therefore I want to buy a new machine. I need your support for that and also for the monthly hosting and annual website address payments. I’d appreciate if you donate to the site.

Here are the donation links —> Donate 10$ <——> Donate 5$ <——> Donate 2$ <—

You can donate more by increasing the quantity in each link above. Or add different combinations of donations to your chart before payment.

You can also consider buying the paid content on the site to support us.

If you need any special design or 3d model to be made, contact me.

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