Fiat 126p 3D Model.

The Fiat 126 (Type 126) is a four passenger, rear-engined city car that was introduced by Fiat in October 1972 at the Turin Auto Show[1] as a replacement for the Fiat 500. The majority of 126s were produced in Bielsko-BiałaPoland, as the Polski Fiat 126p, where production continued until 2000. In many markets Fiat stopped sales of the 126 in 1993 in favour of their new front-engined Cinquecento. Total production reached almost 4.7 million units.

In Poland the car became a cultural icon and earned the nickname Maluch, meaning “The Little One” or “Toddler”.[3][4] It eventually became an official model name in 1997 when Maluch started appearing on the rear of the car.

Fiat 126 perspective
Fiat 126 perspective

This is a 3d printable model of the Fiat 126 car which is scaled down and modified to be a toy. Can be built as a cable controlled car or even a wireless r/c car depending on your ability. Read on for more pictures and the download link for the STL files.

Cross Section
Cross Section
Several views
Several views

The front wheels can be assembled as straight and fixed or totally steerable according to maker’s preference.


The single piece fiat 126 model can be found and downloaded from our page on thingiverse.

There is a newer version multi part toy model and the stl files for that project can be found in this article.

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