Electric Scooter DIY

A scooter design suitable to be built as a kick scooter or an electric vehicle. Made up from sheet plywood.

The parts are cut by using a laser cutter, dxf files for laser cutting is included. The assembly is done by using suitable sized nuts and bolts. Gluing is not necessary but can be used.

I’ve covered the parts with epoxy after assembly and also added some fiberglass fabric wetted with epoxy to reinforce wheel axle area, load bearing parts of the ply and stepping surfaces for friction.

Overall a nice project to work on, easy to assemble and great fun.

Complete design and build album on facebook


riding the electrified version.

Details of the assembled bodywork.

There are many holes and slots for using bolts&nuts for assembly. The bolt head stays outside and the nut stays inside, securely held bey the mechanical details cut in plywood.

Some detail images from the assembly. There won’t be a step by step guide or assembly instructions. This is a simple puzzle which you must solve 

Plan purchase link is here.

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