Proteus Projects

Retro Handheld Game Console

Fully assembled game console running the snake.

I like retro games, especially retro game consoles. When i was a kid, one of our neighbour’s who used to work in abroad, used to bring his son electromechanic portable game devices or consoles i remember. We also queu up as the other kids to have our chance to play with the games. They were interesting, nearly nothing electronic or solid state inside, everything working with gears, wires, dc motors, lamps (not leds) and some color filters for creating screen effects.

I sketched several similar console designs on paper first. Selected one of them which would be easier to design, 3d print and assemble then started working in solidworks.

took me a short while to3d model the main form and a bit longer to model the components and interior assembly details.

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Temperature Probe with dot matrix led screen.

This device is a temperature probe which measures temperature at a point and displays it on its 5×7 dot matrix led display.

temperature probe circuit schematic showing 15°C on its display.

read more for the source code and the proteus simulation file

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Symposium Timer with Speech.

This is a timing device which I’ve made for a symposium in our university.

The Product on the symposium table.
The Product on the symposium table.

You adjust the time in the splash screen then press and hold SAY (Count) and it counts up to the adjusted time.

The timer will announce the last minutes of the time by led effects and speech.

Read more for the circuit schematic, source code and the proteus simulation file

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Singing Smiley Gadget.

Here is an other recent project, full schematic etc of a gadget that displays a smiley face on a  5×7 matrix led screen which sings along with the music around.

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Gamen Handheld Gaming Device.

Gamen is a gaming device with stereo sound&voice capability, 128×64 graphics LCD display, suitable for one or two player games.

Gamen Design

It also has got temperature sensor and real time clock. The device is powered by a PIC 18f4620 microcontroller and has additional eeprom for future needs.

There are several games available for the device including snake, pong, tetris, picman and tic tac toe. New ones are under development.

Gamen interior
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