Proteus Projects

Fiat 126 Robotic Electric Vehicle

Fiat 126 Car body and robot126 chassis together

We’ve made this project as a development platform for a small electric vehicle. We’ve made it with a fiat 126 form as you know we are great fiat 126 enthusiasts. The circuitry is made in a way which makes it possible to be used both in a scaled down model car as well as a larger, load or passenger carrying vehicle. It can communicate with different motor drivers, DC or servo motors.

For more information and images, please continue reading.

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Fiat 126/500 Engine with details.

Maybe you already know that I’d made a fiat 126/500 engine before. Which was smaller and easy to print with internal moving parts; pistons, crank, fan etc (It is here).

Later I’ve improved it quite a bit and added space for interior electronics for operating it, a reductor dc motor to power it and volume for leds simulating spark plugs.

There are two versions, the sport and the standard as seen below 😀

The engine models can be hand cranked or ran by a small reductor DC motor located in place of the actual engine’s starter motor. Read more for more information and links.

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Fiat 500 Dashboard Clock

A table clock project for the Classical Fiat 500.

1963 Fiat 500 - Giardiniera / Giardinetta | Classic Driver Market
the real thing

Read more for more photos and renders, circuit schematics and all necessary information to build this clock for your table.

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Dot Matrix Clock

This is a design for use as a table or a in-vehicle clock. It utilizes a DS 1307 real time clock chip and powered by a pic 12F683 microcontroller. The power can be supplied via a standard USB cable.

Read more for more informatin, renderings, step by step assembly photos, STL files for 3d printing as well as source C codes for the microcontroller. Have fun building it.

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Electronic Turbo for Vehicles.

This product and project is aimed to be used in vehicles for generating turbo and various other sound effects.

This is how the system works

Read more for downloading the product case STL files for 3d printing, CCS C source codes, Proteus simulation, circuit schematic and PCB layout files and also 70 different sound effects I’ve found on the net and especially prepared for this project.

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Retro Handheld Game Console

Fully assembled game console running the snake.

I like retro games, especially retro game consoles. When i was a kid, one of our neighbour’s who used to work in abroad, used to bring his son electromechanic portable game devices or consoles i remember. We also queu up as the other kids to have our chance to play with the games. They were interesting, nearly nothing electronic or solid state inside, everything working with gears, wires, dc motors, lamps (not leds) and some color filters for creating screen effects.

I sketched several similar console designs on paper first. Selected one of them which would be easier to design, 3d print and assemble then started working in solidworks.

took me a short while to3d model the main form and a bit longer to model the components and interior assembly details.

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Dot Matrix Hand/Bike Torch.

My recent project is a first in the world. As far as i’ve searched, I didnt be able to find a similar product. See the video for its operation details.

DMTORCH Smiling.
DMTORCH Smiling.

side view

STL files for the body and bike handlebar mount kit is included in the article.

5×5 dot matrix display & lighting leds. shown with accesory for bicycle handlebar mounting
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Bike computer with graphics screen

I’ve designed a complete new hardware & software for the bicycle comp that I’ve published some months ago. This one has a 128X64 monochrome graphics screen instead of the 16×2 character display of the former one.

the product on the handlebar
the product on the handlebar
the product on the handlebar
the product on the handlebar
The product design
The product is held on the handlebar by two elastic o-rings

this has got real time clock as well as the temperature sensor like the old one. But all data can either be shown fully digital or two different analog display modes.

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Bicycle Computer 16×2 LCD.

Bike Computer Circuit Schematic

This is a bicycle computer product with 16×2 LCD screen, real time clock, temperature sensor, light sensor, total & trip distance measurement, even a knight rider led display that changes its swing speed according to the bike’s speed. A very fun project.

The prototype made on multiholed prototyping board
The prototype made on multiholed prototyping board
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Temperature Probe with Led Display.

This device is a temperature probe which measures temperature at a point and displays it on its 5×7 dot matrix led display.

temperature probe circuit schematic showing 15°C on its display.

read more for the source code and the proteus simulation file

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