Dot Matrix Hand/Bike Torch.

My recent project is a first in the world. As far as i’ve searched, I didnt be able to find a similar product. See the video for its operation details.

DMTORCH Smiling.
DMTORCH Smiling.

side view

STL files for the body and bike handlebar mount kit is included in the article.

5×5 dot matrix display & lighting leds. shown with accesory for bicycle handlebar mounting
rear perspective
2013-10-23 07.36.03
2013-10-23 07.12.34
A prototype

You can download this project’s STL files for 3d printing from thingiverse.

You can download CCS C source code, pcb design and Proteus electronic simulation file for the project below(Change the .pdf extension to .zip to open the archive file.)

and the circuit schematic is below

(you can also view this circuit schematic in the Proteus file)
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